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Our mission work

At New Vision, our most notable local mission is our Pack-a-Bag program. It's best described by Eileen Santman, team leader:

“Every Thursday morning during the school year a group of people meet at NV to put food in bags so that 73+ students at a local elementary school will have something to eat over the weekend. We don't know who these individual children are — all we know is that the school nurse tells us that her office is no longer filled with children on Monday mornings who are hungry and suffering with headaches. This is a mission that is up close, immediate and personal... How often do we get a chance to do so much immediate good-to directly touch 'the least of these'?”

One week each summer NV provides a VBS program that is open to the community.

On Sunday evenings a Girl Scout program is hosted for our youth and others from the community.

Each October NV sets up a pumpkin patch. Each day we sell pumpkins, we have the opportunity to minister to the community. Proceeds support opportunities for youth to attend camp and adults to attend Pilgrimage.

Through volunteerism, financial donation or direct involvement, NV provides support to the following organizations in our community:

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